The Spirit product warranty for helmets is 1 year, clothing, electronics and other items hold a 6 month product warranty. All product warranties are valid from the initial date of purchase which is subject to the sales purchase invoice date. If the last day of the warranty period is a legal holiday, the day after the holiday is the last day of the validity period.

If the consumer loses the invoice and cannot provide valid evidence such as the sales invoice or purchase receipt, the warranty will not be applicable.

If the host has a product that has a performance or operational failure caused by non-human damage or negligence, you will be eligible for a replacement or otherwise a repair of such product/s as a normal warranty fault.
Kindly note that you must return the product to the original store where the item was purchased.
All products must be assessed by Spirit for any faults reported by the client before being rectified. This assessment may take up to 7 (seven) calendar days. (Timeframe may be influenced by location, courier delays and/or public holidays).

What is not covered:

  • Damage caused by transportation, loading, and unloading during return and delivery.
  • Any modification, disassembly, and repair without the authorization from Spirit.
  • Product damaged due to unexpected factors or human behavior. Such as liquid damage, input inappropriate voltage, excessive extrusion for electronics. For the other products, if there is obvious hard object damage, impact, cracks, severe deformation, broken and so on.
  • Failure or damage to the product caused by installation, misuse, poor maintenance, and insufficient storage.
  • The warranty period has expired.
  • Failure or damage caused by force majeure factors such as fire, abrasions, water, etc.
  • Fair wear and tear deemed by regular usage.

Spirit reserves the right to make an educated conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.