Interphone U-Com 3 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset (Twin Pack)

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Interphone U-Com 3 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset (Twin Pack)

 U-com 3 is the motorcycle intercom equipped with Bluetooth® 5.1 technology with reduced dimensions and integrated battery, fully compatible with the original oem systems installed on the helmets and with most of the intercoms of other brands on the market.

This model allows you to communicate with a passenger or another motorcycle up to a maximum distance of 500m.

Equipped with a new super user-friendly and multilingual app, the user experience is easy and intuitive, so you can maximize the potential of the intercom and and to offer the best customisation.

U-com 3 is also equipped with 32mm HD speakers with high bass quality, to listen to your favorite music including in the background during a conversation.

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