Interphone U-Com 7R Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset (Twin Pack)

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Interphone U-Com 7R Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset (Twin Pack)

U-com 7R is the intercom equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 technology able to guarantee extended compatibility with the original oem systems installed on the helmets and with most of the intercoms of other brands on the market. Create groups of up to 4 intercoms and forget about connection difficulties.

U-com 7R also offers very high audio performance thanks to 32mm earphones for deep, immersive bass while you're listening to your favourite playlists, including in the background during a conversation.

Thanks to the dedicated App - multilingual, easy and intuitive - you can maximize the potential of your new intercom and customize it to the fullest. Available for IOS and Android.

Another distinctive element of this model is the multi-button design for maximum ease of use, each button corresponds to a function, to make use intuitive. Furthermore, thanks to its total removability, you can install it in just a few steps on all your favorite helmets.

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