Oxford CLIQR Car Vent Mount System

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Oxford CLIQR Car Vent Mount System

The CLIQR Car Vent Mount uses dual vent mounting clamps to securely hold your device in either landscape or portrait mode.

CLIQR range is manufactured from glass-filled nylon due to its superior mechanical properties, light weight and durability.

CLIQR uses a dual locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. Simply stick the CLIQR device adaptor onto the back of your device and CLIQR it into the mount in the orientation that suits.

Key Features

• Fits any horizontal car vent
• Easy to install
• Lightweight and durable

What's included
• 1 x Mount
• 2 x Device adapters


Frequently asked questions

Is the mechanism strong enough to hold my phone?
• Yes, the CLIQR mechanism has been extensively tested through computer simulation, on the road and in our test lab. The mechanism can hold a peak tensile force of 600N (60KG).

Can the CLIQR adaptor cope with high speeds?
• Yes, at 100mph wind force is roughly 120KG per square meter. The Average phone has a surface area of 0.0120M2 so the wind force would be roughly 1.5KG. The small adaptor has been tested to comfortably hold a tensile load of 30kg and the large adapter has been tested to comfortably hold a tensile load of 50kg

Will the adhesive mark my phone?
• No, Oxford only use genuine 3M VHB tape. Any residue left behind by the glue can be wiped off using an alcohol-based cleaner.

How long do I wait before using the 3m adaptor?
• Wait at least 24 hours before using the CLIQR to ensure a strong bond.

Can I switch the adaptor from one device to another?
• No, do not use the adaptor more than once as the 3m adhesive pad will be less effective once removed and reapplied. 2 adaptors are supplied with each device mount. Extra adaptors are available from us.

Is CLIQR waterproof?
• Yes, the mechanism uses stainless steel parts throughout and the 3M is completely waterproof.



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