Shoei VFX-WR Allegiant White/Black/Orange Motocross Helmet

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Shoei VFX-WR Allegiant White/Black/Orange Motocross Helmet

The Shoei VFX series has always been a pioneer and style icon for all off-road helmets. The innovative design and the high quality, coupled with novel technology, not only distinguished the helmet in the past but are also the basis of the eagerly awaited VFX-WR.

For offroad helmets it is first and foremost a matter of offering the best possible safety with very good workmanship. But also a fresh and aggressive styling plays a decisive role. With its characteristic design, the VFX-WR continues the path of its predecessor models at first glance. The unmistakable ribbed shape on the back of the helmet for a better grip of the VFX-W's strap is now continued in the lateral area of the successor VFX-WR. This makes it even easier to optimally position the strap and ensure a good fit at all times. This greater freedom of design is made possible by a novel Shoei technology in the production of the helmet shell. Thus, helmet and visor also form a harmonious transition, since the three-dimensional design of the visor can for the first time continue into the helmet shell. The changes to the chin section are also striking. The edges of the visual field recess and the chin section were partially pulled completely towards the mouthpiece in order to integrate it more strongly into the overall design of the helmet and to create an even more seamless transition.

The outer helmet shell of the VFX-WR is manufactured in the extremely stable AIM+ structure and consists of six different fibreglass and organic fibre layers which guarantee the best possible distribution of the impact energy. A completely new feature of the VFX-WR is the Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.), which reduces rotational forces. The EPS core consists of a separate element in the upper head area, the dome of which rests on the base core. In the event of an impact, these domes absorb additional energy and effectively reduce the rotational forces that occur particularly in off-road sports. In addition, the EPS core of the VFX-WR consists, as usual, of several styrofoam elements with different degrees of hardness in order to optimally protect more shock-sensitive areas of the head. The shell and core are manufactured in four different sizes to show off their advantages in every size. The VFX-WR not only guarantees optimum functionality but also the most comfortable fit possible. Attention was also paid to the topic of mass centralisation, so that the VFX-WR's focus is much more central. This relieves the neck muscles and prevents signs of fatigue.


  • AIM+ helmet shell (organic fibreglass, multifibre and high performance organic fibre in different layers for a shock-absorbing shell with optimum stiffness)
  • M.E.D.S. (Motion Energy Distribution System / additional EPS liner reduces rotational energy in the event of a fall)
  • 3-part modular polystyrene core system (protection optimisation through polystyrene core elements with different degrees of damping)
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System / for simplified helmet removal by removing the cheek pads in an emergency case)
  • Double-D closure (easy handling, always perfectly adjusted)
  • mud guard included (protection against falling stones)
  • 4 helmet outer shells of different sizes (for optimum fit and most compact size)
  • removable and washable 3D Max Dry cheek pads (breathable and moistures absorbing, different pad sizes (31, 35, 39, 43 mm) for perfect fit optionally available)
  • removable and washable 3D Max Dry head cushion (for easy cleaning, breathable and moisture absorbing)
  • removable and washable chinstrap padding (for better care)
  • multiple aeration and ventilation (for optimum ventilation even in the hottest racing situations)
  • several inlets in the forehead area and at the top of the head (to introduce fresh air)
  • additional outlets at the back of the head and in the neck area (to dissipate the warm, stale air)
  • specially developed helmet shell (radically sporty design with integrated spoilers for optimum aerodynamics and performance)
  • fully integrated helmet shield (seamless connection between helmet shell and helmet shield, new helmet shield positioning system)
  • aggressively designed and enlarged nose cover (for reduced wind resistance and improved breathing air supply)
  • shell sizes: 4 (1: XS - S, 2: M, 3: L, 4: XL - XXL)
  • retention system: Double-D
  • weight: 1250 g (+/- 50 g)
  • approved to: EN22.05
  • Online exclusive


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